Sync for Flickr




    Sync for Flickr allows you to map local folders on your device to albums that you have set up on Flickr. This will let you use your device to have and take images and keep them in sync with the Flickr website.

    The app is free to use for 21 days. If you decide that you would like to keep the app, a small one time fee is required in order to keep using it.

    This application is a two-way syncing tool:

    1. If an image is changed on the device it will sync and change on the website
    2. If an image is changed on the website it will also change on the local device
    3. If an image is changed on both the device and the Flickr website, a conflict copy is created and you will have two images on both sides.

    The application also allows you to view images on Flickr and comment on them.

    NOTE: This is a third party tool and we are not associated with Yahoo or Flickr in any way. Flickr and the Flickr trademark is owned by Yahoo.

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