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    Clicker Tally Counter Elite

    The simplest and Smartest counting app in the market to keep a count or Tally

    This is the pro version of the app Clicker Tally Counter Free.

    Pro version Feature:

    - No ADS

    - TWO counters

    - SHARE the Count with name to Watsapp, Facebook messenger, SMS, e-MAIL with time stamp

    - Save the Count in memo with TIME STAMP

    - Stay AWAKE to keep screen from locking

    - Quick toggle tabs

    Want to count?

    - No of Pepsi drunk?
    - Pizzas eaten?
    - Count the family members when on a trip
    - No of children in school bus?
    - Took a tablet, and don’t remember?
    - Laps run
    - No of Taxis
    - no of Sheep in your dream
    - Count the stars in the night
    - Count as a package with eggs in it (set increment counter by 6 (1/2 dozen))

    You can practically count anything using this app, I bet you can count on this app for your count!

    - Counter 2- secondary counter (can be toggled)

    - Share the count with time stamp to facebook,watsapp,email,sms

    - Save the count to memo with time stamp

    - Stay Awake - keep the screen awake until you finish counting

    - Single hand usage: for big 5” phones

    - Set Counter names upto (45 characters [special,numbers,aphabets])

    - Limit value:Alerts when you have reached the maximum limit

    - Increment/Decrement by any number

    - Start value: Start the counter from start value number

    - Buttons: Volume buttons and screen (Big button for easy clicking)

    - Easily accessible buttons side by side

    - Remembers the count value

    - Quick buttons for quicker options

    - Sound alert for each 10 count

    - Different colour for -ve numbers

    - Sound Alert on limit reaching

    - Keeps screen awake when counting

    - Sound off/on

    - Vibration on/off

    - Isolated reset button so you don’t press it accidentally

    - Haptic feedback to give confirmation for your click

    - Metallic design

    - Brushed Metallic UI

    - Now supports even smaller screens (3")

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