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    Published: 2016-10-21, by .

    Chatting in native tongues is hard, so Tandem connects you with real speakers

    • Spiffy, clean, and pretty UI
    • Easy to sign-up
    • Active community
    • Completely free
    • Laggy and slow
    • Have to wait until Tandem confirms your identity
    • Lengthy sign-ups

    "Talk with people from around the world"


    Tandem allows you to chat with people from around the world in real time, without having to worry about the language barrier. The app is community-basedYou’ll first have to sign in with Facebook, Google, Weibo, VKontakte, or if you don’t have any of those, your mobile phone. You’ll then choose your gender, add a profile image (make sure to add a facial shot), add your interests, and what you’re hoping to learn. After receiving a confirmation later on, you can chat with other people in the language you can to learn with your same interests, which are usually native speakers.


    Tandem’s UI looks spiffy, clean, and really, really pretty. While the entire sign-up process is lengthy, there’s no denying that it isn’t easy. There are people who speak over 120 languages. The app is also completely free, with no hidden fees.


    Once you’re done answering the lengthy profile questions, you’ll then have to wait until Tandem confirms your identity request. On both the iOS and Android, this app is laggy and slow, which makes for a real bummer.

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    Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    Oct 21, 2016


    Practice languages with people across the world with the best language exchange app - It's FREE!

    More than a billion people worldwide are learning a foreign language - but miss out on speaking practice. Enter Tandem, the mobile community where you can practice with native speakers and language learners anytime, anywhere.

    On Tandem, you are matched with language exchange partners so you can teach each other your native languages and commonly used slang.

    For example, you can learn Spanish from someone in Mexico City while they learn English from you - without you even having to leave your bedroom.

    With 150+ languages, more than 2500 language combinations and 1M + members, there’s never been a better way to a learn a new language with native speakers.

    The learn exchange community is completely free, and is based on the Tandem learning method - a scientifically proven technique where two people meet in person to teach each other their native languages, and of course, to allow a cultural exchange that you won't find in any classroom. Tandem app is the first to bring this experience to everyone with a smartphone.

    Communicating with your new language learning friends is super easy, you can choose your practice method via text, audio or video chat - whatever you feel most comfortable with!

    Still not convinced? This is what the press say about us:
    Techcrunch: “Charming language practice community”

    Mashable: “Tandem aims to solve the problem for you by connecting you with a native speaker.”

    Digital Trends: “Move onto the next level with your language”

    Tandem offers the following learning exchange features:

    Personal matching with native language exchange partners
    Audio calls
    Video calls
    Text chat
    Audio messages
    Picture messages
    Text correction feature
    Topic creation (so you can talk about what’s relevant to you)
    Professional tutors
    How does our app work?

    Select the language(s) you want to learn in the app and we’ll do the rest. We only
    match you with partners that align with your language goals.
    Share topics with our learning community so you can practice speaking about the things you really care about with people who shares the same interests. Whether it’s Italian cars, or French wine, there’s always a new friend waiting to talk about it on Tandem!

    Follow your partners to make sure you never miss each other when you could be practicing. This way, you can be speaking Russian in the morning, Chinese over lunch and German before you go to bed at night!

    Practice is the key for learning a new language, but if you need a little extra tuition, you might like to try Tandem App Tutors. Tutors are certified language instructors who can offer 121 video chat lessons. Each Tutor sets their own availability and price, so you won’t find it difficult to find one that suits your schedule.

    A Tandem exchange is the best way to learn, practice and speak a multitude of languages from around the globe. We have native speakers from all around the world who you can practice languages with. Our most popular languages to exchange are English, Korean, French, Spanish and Portuguese, but with so many languages covered for you get fluent in, you can even learn Arabic or Latin! We’ve got it covered!

    Learning foreign languages doesn’t need to be difficult. Practice talking everyday with our language learning app and you’ll be fluent really quick!

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