Tapout Tracker XT2

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    Tapout Tracker XT2 is a fully functional digital notebook to track your TapouT XT, XT2, and XT Hybrid workouts. Embrace Technology! Stay Mobile! Spring is Here!!!

    Don't quit it. Track it!

    TapouT XT, TapouT XT2, and TapouT XT Hybrid workout programs.

    Each workout program (XT, XT2, and XTH) is divided up into three workout phases. The number of days in each phase is based on program you are using.

    Tapout Tracker XT2 features include (but not limited to)
    - Track your workout dates not calendar days.
    - Reminder/alert of your next workout. Set and forget. What workout is today? Oh yeah?!
    - Add a note, a goal, a focus point to each workout - rough day? bad recup?
    - Rate the difficulty level of workout.
    - Track the time you performed the workout - Ability to divide double workouts days into AM/PM

    Track your progress with Focus Points:
    - Add a photo to every measurement day!
    - Record your measurements: Weight (Chest, Arm, Waist, Hips, Thigh)*
    - Total Measurements: *Automatically calculates/tracks measurements to show overall change.
    - Share your progress!!!

    *Focus Points is one of our inside app apps :) - a mini app if you will.
    - future features will be decided by your feedback.

    Why track it if you can't view it!
    - View your workout data with a click of a button.
    - Share your progress! Share your stats. Share your photos.
    - Standard/metric option (lb/in - kg/cm).
    - Export (all data) to Fitness Report(s) to view or print. **Future release = Very soon**

    Tapout Tracker XT2, like all our products, is NEVER a finished product. If you have a suggestion for a feature let us know. Any questions, suggestions, or comments please email me!

    Weight Tracker v1.1 included!
    - yes, another mini apps :)
    - a digital weight diary.
    - add your weight any time you want.
    - include a quick diary note with each measurement.
    - generate and export your weight report

    Write access to external storage is needed to create a "TapoutTrackerXT2" folder and export your Fitness Reports and other data reports to this folder.

    - English
    - Spanish (~95% translated). Includes Fitness Reports. *Me disculpo si la traducción no es correcto.

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