Tech Pix




    TECH PIX Official Mobile App:

    The Tech Pix service solution based Mobile APP platform was intentionally developed and designed to be simple for both client and provider; It allows any service related company and their personnel to streamline and optimize their workday and workflow by quickly adding and submitting any job or service request by utilizing an extremely user friendly and concise Job Submission Form. Which includes pertinent client information and their ultimate service needs. Providing a detailed and fully documented description of the service to be performed, including the size and scope of each project.

    The app is designed to effectively and efficiently upload photos, and voice communications of work to be performed before, during and upon completion. This data is securely encrypted then uploaded to the service providers instantaneously. This method of mobilizing the interface ultimately ensures the service provider and the customer an up to date and timely completion of scheduled jobs and services to be performed. It easily tracks your clients and services to your schedule, resulting in a higher level of customer engagement and client experience and seamlessly tracks time against the work performed.

    The TECH PIX APP is Designed for service companies and service related industries that desires a higher level of client interaction. The TECH PIX APP is a solution based utility app designed and developed to simplify and enhance the client and provider experience!