Tension2Go measures the tension frequency and tension of industrial belts from the ContiTech Power Transmission Group – and it's simple, fast, and convenient. Whether it is a matter of initial installation, maintenance, or fault diagnosis, Tension2Go provides field staff, dealers, and end customers with a quick tension check – and is therefore a low-cost addition to the existing range of tension gauges.
    Note: The App does not replace a tension gauge.
    The most important points in brief

    - Measure the basic resonant frequency of the belt by holding your smartphone 10-50 mm above the belt span, causing the belt to vibrate. Using the frequency value, you can determine the tension force of the belt.

    - Have the tension force calculated: To do so, simply specify the type of belt and the length of the free belt span in the belt selection dialog. Tension2Go determines the tension of the belt for you.

    - For the most precise value, ensure a quiet environment since noises can influence the result. In such cases, simply repeat the measuring process for better results.

    Tested on Android 2.2 - 5.0.1

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