Textile Costing




    Yarn and fabric pricing template, with currency selection and customization.

    Yarn pricing as per the conversion cost of the Industry is taken. The GST (India) is included and the tax structure of any country can be customized in the application. The raw materials taken are Cotton, Viscose and Polyester. The cost of the raw material are in build and are updated on a weekly basis. However, the cost can be changed by the user to suit their requirements and factual position.
    The Letter of credit cost is in-build in the pricing and the number of days of LC and interest rates calculate the incremental amount to be factored in the pricing.

    For the fabric pricing, the raw material (yarn) cost is calculated from the yarn pricing and taken in the calculations. The inclusion of yarn dyed and piece dyed is additional in the price calculation and also is updated on monthly basis or when the dyeing cost changes. The basis of the pricing is raw material cost, sizing cost, inspection and packing and cost per pick, which gives the final pricing. Profits are factored in and the actual industry data is taken.

    The formula takes into account the factual industry data and extrapolates with the help of mathematical equations with R^2 more than 0.9.
    We hope and expect that it would be useful for the industry.

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