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    Published: 2014-04-29, by .

    Photo feed of culinary innovation

    • Showcases cutting-edge culinary innovation
    • Clean, intuitive design
    • No way to filter by location
    • Can't make a favorites list of users

    "Feed your inner gastromaniac"

    We're living in a food bubble. Everybody and their brother is a foodie these days, and for good reason - the edible world is burgeoning with the latest in nutritional and culinary science. The Food Mirror is an Instagram-like photo feed focused specifically on this delectable niche topic.

    In sharp contrast to filtered snaps of breakfast cereal, the Food Mirror feed features genuine cutting-edge products and ideas having to do with the latest in gastronomic innovation. These could be specific dishes - molecular gastronomy definitely qualifies - or could be people, initiatives, campaigns, or visual representations of ideas. Scrolling through my feed, I saw everything from individual packets of cinnamon to spice up your cappuccino to elaborate seaweed tapas atop a tumbled ocean rock. Of course, part of the fun is participation - upload your own food trends when you spot them in the wild. It's a food geek's dream come true.

    The design is simple and intuitive, immediately familiar to anyone who's used a photo feed app before (like Instagram). However, you can only filter the feed by category (like "ethics" or "tech"), and I would have loved to be able to do so by location as well. You should also be able to follow specific users when you find an especially observant foodie trendsetter.

    The Food Mirror is a great idea in an era obsessed with gastronomic innovation, one that's sure to grow even cooler as folks all over the globe start uploading their delicious discoveries.

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    Apr 29, 2014


    THE FOOD MIRROR by AZTI-Tecnalia

    Are you curious? Does the world of food excite you? Do you like to eat, cook and shop for food? Welcome to THE FOOD MIRROR, the first Global Community of Food Observers!

    THE FOOD MIRROR APP facilitates identification of innovative food concepts (not necessarily dishes), sharing product photos, services, initiatives, campaigns, points of sale, etc., among all community users regarding all the diverse categories established: sense, experience, ethic, functional, design, health, tech, communication, people.

    Observe, discover and share your observations with THE FOOD MIRROR APP to collectively define food trends and to design the food of the future! Become the best food trend trotter; roam the streets, markets and supermarkets with THE FOOD MIRROR APP!

    Thank you for sharing! THE FOOD MIRROR APP, Cocreating the FOODture!

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