The Wine Butler




    Welcome to the Wine Butler, your personal wine, cheese and recipe recommendation service. Three to five times a week, we'll bring you a new red and white wine, paired with a cheese and recipes.

    We'll have regular themed weeks, with all of the wines coming from a specific region, giving an overview of the best and most interesting wines they have to offer. Our initial week is wines from California's Lodi AVA, and some of their spectacular Zinfandels.

    Our wine reviews aim to tell you why you should consider the wine, who made it, and how to get some for yourself. Some of the wines are only available through the winery itself, others should be available through regular distribution channels you can find at your local wine merchant or supermarket.

    The cheese pairings will range from the general (Camembert) to the specific (Beehive Cheese's Barely Buzzed), along with contact info if necessary to get it from the maker.

    Our recipes come from a variety of sources, and have all been tasted against multiple wines to find the best balance of wine and food to help you have an enjoyable evening.

    Every year there are more wine choices than ever before. Wine Butler is here to serve as a free guide to many of our favorites, and give you the tools for an enjoyable evening of wine, cheese and food.

    GoLocalApps has been producing wine region guides since 2010, with more than 10 major California regions covered now, and several new apps coming soon. You can find our apps by searching "GoLocalApps" in the iTunes store. The regions we've covered include:

    Santa Barbara
    Santa Clara Valley
    Santa Cruz Mountains
    Sonoma County
    San Luis Obispo
    Sierra Foothills
    Suisun Valley