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    TimeSpring: Time-released messages's review

    Published: 2017-11-15, by .

    Share and keep your favorite content with your beloved ones

    • Improve the connection with your family and friends
    • Correct for Kids
    • Keep your best memories for generations
    • Old and young people connected
    • Limitations in the free mode

    "Time Spring, a platform for generations"


    We capture every significant moment of our lives: birthdays, the first school day of our child, a party with our friends... So, it's a pity when we start to hoard photos and videos that are an expression of ourselves, and our phone memory gets exhausted. ¿Where do I keep my favorite content? The solution is Time Spring, an app that lets you share and save all the content that you don't want to lose. This virtual platform lets you save your favorite photos and videos and pass down your memories to future generations. Besides, you get to create a virtual place in order to share and save your memories with the people that you want.


    The app allows you to connect young and old people on the same platform. A perfect idea to share your content with your family or friends. Besides, it is totally appropriate and accessible for kids who are not old enough to have their own mail account or social networks. Nowadays, when we share a photo, we might not realize that too many people have access to our content due to the power of social networks. Time Spring is an app that helps improve the connection between families and friends by having a portal with all the people that you wish to share your best memories with. Moreover, you can chat with them and take note of the place and the day of the moments shared.


    However, if you don't pay 30 euros a year, the amount of content that you can share is limited. The photo messaging is free and you have the option to pay 0,99 $ for one-time video messaging. Take a look at your preferences but keep in mind that you have the opportunity to try the photo messaging for free.


    by Nora

    Nov 15, 2017


    “Time flies,” we say. “Where did the time go?” we ask. Fortunately, our memories can appreciate as time goes on using TimeSpring.

    Connecting young and old, parent and child, friends and family, TimeSpring let’s you send time-released messages to friends, family, children, and even babies to be enjoyed at the right time. Send photos, videos, and sentiment to be unlocked at the time you set years into the future.

    Send a time-released message when you want to:

    -Stop hoarding photos and video on your phone for fear of forgetting or losing memories
    -Share memories with kids who are not old enough to understand
    -Stay connected with friends and family
    -Send a message to your future self
    -Separate your favorite photos from all of your photos
    -Surprise someone special
    -Pass down memories to future generations
    -Save video in a meaningful way

    How it works:

    Add family and friends to your TimeSpring wheel
    Create accounts for children not old enough to receive email
    Start scheduling your messages

    Behind every moment we capture is a story and a right time to share it. Our memories can and should last as long as we want them to.

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