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    *** SEN Radio Station "App of the Week" - 3rd December 2013

    Toll-Recorder will track and record all your trips on Citylink and Eastlink independent of both controlling bodies.

    After you install and start Toll-Recorder it will run in the background allowing you to continue to use your phone and simultaneously track and record trips on toll roads.

    Toll-Recorder will:
    - Track and record trips on toll roads.
    - List on screen all trips made.
    - Generate a summary report on screen of trips made during user selected periods.
    - Generate detailed reports which you can send via email.

    The practical and useful functionality of Toll-Recorder will allow you to do back to back comparisons of each individual trip (dates, times and costs) with trips appearing on statements you receive from the controlling bodies.

    Toll-Recorder also allows you to simply monitor your expenditure per trip and over a period of time.

    Also, I have proof of Citylink charging me for travel in both a car and a truck on the same statement. I only had a passenger vehicle associated with the eTag. This raised doubts in my mind about the accuracy of the Citylink system. I hope it raises the question in your mind of whether you may have been charged incorrectly.

    And, given that the cost of a trip on Citylink for example can range between $1.29 and $7.74 for a passenger vehicle and more for larger vehicles, the cost of Toll-Recorder at $1.99 may pay for itself if you pick up one error in a Citylink or Eastlink statement.

    Above all using Toll-Recorder allows you to keep an independent record of trips you have made on Citylink and Eastlink for your own peace of mind.

    Additionally, Toll-Recorder provides and sums costs for Citylink and Eastlink accounts with an electronic tag and those without (where there is an imaging fee).

    Toll-Recorder must be used correctly to accurately register trips on toll roads. The requirements are easy. Please note that Toll-Recorder only provides a guide to the trips made on toll roads.

    Toll-Recorder can be made to track your speed (minimum speed, average speed and other speed values). This option is not available for the Melbourne version because Citylink and Eastlink do not vary the tolls they charge based on travel speed as is done on some European toll roads.

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