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    Need a toolbox when you're on the go? Our app is for you!

    We’ve bundled the most important tools for home handymen and professionals, at home or on the job.

    Here’s what you get.

    Measure angles and slopes quickly and easily.

    The level is programmed to let you level horizontally, vertically, and at 45° angles.

    Just set the tool to the scale you want with your finger, then quickly measure height, length, and width with no fuss.

    Plumb line
    Hold your Smart-Phone upright against any object and the plumb line shows deviation from the X and Y axes in degrees.

    Bar code and QR Code Scanner
    Scan bar codes and QR codes. It gives you the power to compare other manufacturers’ prices with ours. Displays selected content when you scan QR codes. Links can be accessed directly.

    Decibel meter
    With this device you can perform decibel measurement. Furthermore, hearing protection recommendations are displayed.

    If the tools in our toolbox aren't enough for your project, just browse our online hardware store at . Professionals, home handypersons, gardeners, and grill masters - all will find a broad selection of tools and accessories.

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