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    Winner of 2014 Family Choice Award
    Detailed Report Card of child's performance
    45+ curriculum based preschool & kindergarten games for 2 years old to 5 years old kids
    Classic interactive, fun and educational books from Mother Goose & others
    Personalized learning for math, reading and writing

    Here is the entire list available on iPad.All will be available on Android soon.

    Preschool Phonics Package
    Tracing Lines
    Tracing Uppercase ABC’s
    Recognizing Uppercase Letters
    Stack Sorting: Initial Consonant Sounds I
    The Alphabet Game: Consonant Sounds I
    Letter Sound Gallery: Consonant Sounds II
    The Alphabet Game: Consonant Sounds III
    Matching Uppercase Letters
    Matching Lowercase Letters
    Matching Upper and Lowercase Letters

    Kindergarten & 1st Grade Phonics Package
    Tracing Lowercase ABC’s
    Word Sound Blending
    Recognizing Lowercase Letters
    Reading From Left to Right
    Letters in Words
    Word Starting Sounds:Initial Consonant Sounds II
    Sorting by Starting Sound:Initial Consonant Sounds III
    Alphabet Sounds: Consonant Sounds IV
    Starting Sound Derby: Consonant Sounds V
    Sense of Spelling

    Early Readers & Books
    The Itsy Bitsy Spider
    The Caterpillar
    Icky Had A Little Lamb
    Farmer In The Dell
    Two Birds
    Five Little Monkeys
    The Stars
    Five Little Ducks
    Twinkle twinkle little star
    Mary mary quite contrary
    Early to Bed, Early to Rise
    Little Bo Peep
    Rock-a-bye Baby

    Complete PreSchool Package
    Recognizing numerals
    Sense of quantity
    Counting up to 10
    Object Based Addition
    Object Based Subtraction
    Object Based Multiplication

    PreSchool Fundamentals
    Simple 2D Shapes
    Simple Colors
    Naming Fruit
    Size Comparison
    Visual Scanning
    Matching Quantities
    Matching ABC's
    Memory & Recall
    Sling King

    Introduction to Geometry
    Shape Building
    Story Telling
    Coloring Shapes
    Sense of Space
    Sense of Balance
    Pattern Matching
    Scribble Dots

    Numberline Basics
    Number Sequence
    Number Sense
    Counting up from
    Counting down from
    Counting down
    Counting up
    Tracing Numbers
    Tracing Math Symbols

    Factoring & Distribution
    Object Based Division

    Real World Math Skills
    Multi Step Object Based Math
    Real world math including
    Subtraction as take-away
    Real world counting
    Addition and subtraction
    multi-step problem solving
    Zero as a number

    Social & Emotional Learning:
    Dental Hygiene
    Bathing Hygiene
    Names of professions

    Educational Video:
    ABC Phonic Song
    Best Friends
    Olly & Icky

    Introduces basic math & counting skills,123,addition,subtraction,take away,numeral recognition.
    Provides practice recognizing letters,abc,reading,phonics,alphabet,letters,spelling,vowels,consonant, uppercase,lowercase,blending,sounding out words,vocabulary,words.

    The app is designed for boys,girls,little kids,kid,kidz,toddler,toddlers,baby & babies.
    The application is widely used in pre school,school,kindergarten,home school,home work,practicing at home, in kindergarten classroom,day cares,preschools,early childhood development centers,CDC,in montessori and more. It is also games for 2 year old kids,games for 3 year old kids,games for 4 year old kids,games for 5 year old kids and games for 6 year old kids.The app has learning games for preschool,learning games for kindergarten and learning games for first graders.

    The curriculum is based on Common Core State Standard (CCSS)

    Parents & teachers working with developmentally delayed,autism,autistic kids,kids with learning disabilities,use this educational app.

    Kids learning program has fun games similar to toca hair salon & fun kids games.

    Agnitus is a curriculum based learning program for Tablets.Our key differentiator is our analytics and depth of the curriculum based on Common Core State Standards.Our adaptive learning program produces report card for the parents while providing personalized learning experience for the child based on their ability.Parents receive a weekly email with a child's report card & are able to access the report card via the "Parent's Dashboard" from within the app & on the web.

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