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    Have you always wanted to learn to play the trombone professionally? . You will play as a true maestro.
    This brass wind musical instrument bass-tenor register. Trombone known since the 15th century. Other brass instruments characterized by the presence of the tube by a musician which alters the volume of air in the instrument. Thus, we achieve the ability to run a series of chromatic sounds. The tool is available in several varieties. Nowadays mostly used key representative - tenor trombone. The main application of the trombone - a symphony orchestra, but it is also used as a solo instrument as well as in a brass band, jazz and other musical genres.
    Music keeps many secrets and mysteries. Music - is a whole world of unusual sounds, bright colors in the sound. It's a world of beauty, fantasy and deep feelings. But not everyone can enter this world. Trombone app video tutorials will help you learn this world. .
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