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    With this app you will receive important information about how to set up the receiver and assigning the correct satellite.

    You want to align a satellite dish quickly and successfully? What information do you need this?

    Answers to these and other questions you will get with this app.
    For example, you taught this app on behalf stations, satellites, positions of the satellites, frequencies, the level of

    Polarization, symbol rate and FEC settings.

    "What's New" as Favorite function, transmitter search function and language function.

    Here you will be informed about possible satellite frequencies and satellite channels. To rapidly find these channels

    sorted alphabetically.

    Channel List:

    Anhui International Channel
    Anhui TV
    Aniworld TV
    Beijing TV
    Beijing TV International
    Beijing TV Kaku
    Satellite TV Bingtuan
    Bingtuan TV
    Blue Ocean Network
    CCTV 1
    CCTV 2
    CCTV 10
    CCTV 11
    CCTV 12
    CCTV 13
    CCTV 14
    CCTV 15
    CCTV 4 America
    CCTV 4 Asia
    CCTV 4 Europe
    CCTV 7
    CCTV 9 Documentary
    CCTV Arabic
    CCTV Entertainment
    CCTV Español
    CCTV Français
    CCTV Home Shopping
    CCTV News
    CCTV Opera
    CCTV Russkij
    CCTV TV Guide
    CEC TV
    CETV 1
    CETV 2
    CETV KongKe
    Channel V China
    China Entertainment TV
    China Movie
    China Yanbian Satellite TV
    China Yellow River TV Station
    Chinese Hope TV
    Chongqing TV
    Chongqing TV International
    CNC Chinese
    CNC English
    Dragon TV
    Dragon TV North America
    Fujian Southeast TV
    Fujian Straits TV
    Gansu TV
    Guangdong Satellite TV
    Guangxi TV
    Guizhou TV
    Guozhen Special
    Health TV
    Hebei TV
    Heilongjiang TV
    Henan TV
    Henan TV International Channel
    Hubei TV
    Hunan TV
    Hunan TV World
    JiaJia Cartoon
    Jiangsu TV
    Jiangxi TV 1
    Jilin TV Station
    JSBC International
    Liaoning TV
    MTV China
    Nei Monggol Chinese TV
    Nei Monggol TV
    Ningxia TV
    Qinghai TV
    Qinghai TV Comprehensive
    Shaanxi TV
    Shandong TV Station Eduction
    Shandong TV
    Shanxi TV
    Shenzhen Satellite TV
    Shenzhen TV
    Sichuan Tibetan Kangba TV
    Sichuan TV 1
    Star Africa 2
    Star Movies 1 +2
    Star One
    Star Times TV Guide
    Taishan TV
    The Travel Channel
    Tianjin TV
    TJTV World
    Toonmax TV
    Trading Day
    TVS 2
    VoA TV China
    Xiamen Star TV International
    Xing Kong Hong Kong
    Xinjiang TV 1
    Xinjiang TV 12
    Xinjiang TV 2
    Xinjiang TV 3
    Xinjiang TV 4
    Xinjiang TV 5
    Xinjiang TV 8
    Xinjiang TV 9
    Xizang TV 1
    Xizang TV 2
    You Man Cartoon Channel
    Yunnan International Channel
    Yunnan TV 1
    Zhejiang Satellite TV

    further TV sander from A - Z ...


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