TX2-BlackGold for *Watchmaker*




    !!!This requires Watchmaker PREMIUM!!! If you install it without the Watchmaker PREMIUM app installed and select as the current watchface, the face will not show up!!!!

    This is an Android Wear watch face designed for the LG Watch Urbane Gold & Silver (but works with other round Android Wear watches.) This WatchMaker Pack contains both a gold and silver version of the face. I appreciate your support of my faces!

    Important: You *must* have WatchMaker Premium app installed to use this face, otherwise it will not work!!!!!!! People are giving this app a bad rating/review because they are not following this simple instruction!!! If you don't have WatchMaker Premium and/or don't know how to use it then don't download this. Period. Seriously, if you didn't have WatchMaker Premium installed and expect this to work, then give this a 1 star, then you are making yourself look stupid. Sorry...

    Get WatchMaker Premium App here:

    For the rest of you who are smart users and like this, please give it a good rating and make up for those idiot's 1 star ratings!

    Has been tested on the following watches:
    LG Watch Urbane
    LG G Watch R
    Moto 360

    This in the premium *unlocked* version of this face, which will give you access to modify the watch using WatchMaker. Please remember, this watch face and all components are copyrighted and may be only used for your personal use may not be redistributed in whole or in part.
    Has not been tested on and is not currently supported on Square watches!!!

    Now supports Metric scale in analog temperature.

    Note: To get access to alternate temperature scales (C/F), simply change the setting from the WatchMaker setting menu under weather. It should automatically change on the watch. However I have noticed that when changing them it may take some time to update

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