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    Imagine how a new mom feels the first time she leaves her child in the care of someone else while she goes back to work. Tykester is her solution! With just a quick glance at the Tykester App, she can get a strong sense of how her child's day is going.

    Tykester works by connecting you to your caregiver or childcare provider in real time - whether that provider is a daycare, a spouse, nanny, babysitter, or grandparent. Tykester is simply the easiest way to stay connected with your child while you’re away.

    What do parents and families love about Tykester?
    • Real-time baby tracker for feeding, naps, and potty/diapers
    • Mood indicator
    • Push notifications
    • What’s Up™ - for capturing fun moments, milestones, photos and captions
    • Daily summary at a glance
    • Detailed timeline
    • Easily connect with grandparents and other family members to keep them informed
    • Parenting tips and news

    What do childcare providers and caregivers love about Tykester?
    • It’s super easy to apply one entry to multiple children
    • Text or call a parent with one touch from within the app
    • Tykester is an excellent record-keeping tool
    • Tykester replaces the need for daily printouts

    What everyone loves about Tykester:
    • Intuitive and easy-to-use
    • No memberships or photo storage fees
    • Works on all devices – phones, tablets and desktop computers

    When parents feel included in their child’s day, the peace of mind that results just can’t be measured!

    “Tykester makes me feel more emotionally secure and connected to my son, I know he is doing well and it makes me happy!” - Megan Friedman, Founder

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