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    Published: 2017-02-24, by .

    Made for parents, control your kids' times on mobile

    • Pleasant, clean, and polished intuitive UI
    • Solid parental tools
    • Still a few bugs
    • Child must be on Wi-Fi

    "Control screen time"


    It’s time to get your kids away from the screen and onto more productive things. Welcome to unGlue, where you’re given full control of how your children will spend their time on social media, videos, and online games. After registering with your e-mail, you’ll set-up your family accounts, manage your kids’ screen time by setting time limits, turn off their internet or add more time, and teach them about time management. Add your kids manually, and set up how long they can go on mobile during the weekdays and weekends, as well as when the internet will be available.


    unGlue features an uncluttered UI that’s easy to use and a lot of solid parental tools to make sure your kids don’t spend a lot of time on mobile.


    There are still errors to be found in this device, as during testing, I received an unexpected warning saying that my child (who’s not registered) had already exceeded their time, and in order to unGlue to work, your child must always be on Wi-Fi.

    Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    Feb 24, 2017


    unGlue Kids is a free app designed especially for kids and teens to learn healthier screen time habits and manage their own Internet time set by their Parents in the unGlue Parents App.

    **BEFORE DOWNLOADING UNGLUE KIDS: Be sure to first download unGlue for Parents. unGlue Kids will not work without unGlue for Parents.**

    The app empowers kids to manage their screen time with these features:
    - Daily Internet Schedules
    - Entertainment Time Limits sets usage limits for apps and games like YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Clash of Clans, Minecraft and much more
    - Chores for Time
    - Daily Activity Reports
    - Bank any unused time for later in the Time Bank

    Desperate to end screen battles and get your kids off their electronic devices? unGlue Kids is an app designed especially for children and teens to learn healthier online habits and manage their own internet time. Here’s our pact to you - unGlue will help improve inter-familial relationships and prepare your kids for a lifetime of technology and time management.

    unGlue Parents for Android:

    unGlue Parents for iPhone:

    More than a parental control app, unGlue Kids is based on the breakthrough idea that parents and children should agree on the right amount of screen time BEFORE trying to enforce rules around it. unGlue Kids sets a simple schedule and lets kids budget their time and even allows them to request more time. The result? Zero surprises and better time management skills.

    unGlue enables kids to:
    - See how much screen time they’ve been allotted and track their usage, down to the minute
    - See their daily schedules for screen time so they can plan their day accordingly
    - Know when they are almost out of Entertainment Time
    - Ask their parents for more time in exchange for completing chores and other tasks
    - Rollover unused screen time minutes to use for another day
    - Treat screen time almost like cash by giving them the ability to earn and save minutes, therefore teaching them to value their time better

    Our solution is designed to be easy to use and easy to set up. Download the Parents App app and follow the instructions to connect your family’s devices in minutes. It works everywhere your children go — at home, in the car, or when they’re out with friends. It works with any device, so you can set limits on smartphones, TVs, tablets and gaming consoles.

    We recommend that you use unGlue to:
    - Teach your children important time management skills
    - Create flexible boundaries for screen time that give children more freedom to make their own decisions
    - Reinforce spoken or written family rules for screen time and Internet use
    - Establish a “Family Media Plan” as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics
    - Reward your children for building healthier viewing habits and motivating them to make better choices on their own
    - Help your younger children learn how to handle their first electronic devices
    - Guide your older children and teens to balance screen time with family time
    - Set schedules for dinner, homework, and bedtime since children thrive on established routines
    - Encourage an active lifestyle by earning more time through steps.

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