Unicode Table




    Displays every 256 characters in the Unicode character code charts. To use "Unic
    ode Table", install Super Kanji Search Pro to your terminal in advance.

    You can select a page from the left and right pull-down menus. The list correspo
    nding to the code points of the selected page(256 characters) is displayed on th
    e grids.
    You can scroll up and down the list. To turn pages one by one, flick the list ho
    To show the character information corresponding to the code point, tap the grid.
    The dialog box shows the detailed information such as character image, code poi
    nt, character type (attribute), etc.
    [Share]: To send the character to the other apps, tap this button of the dialog
    [Kanji Search]: To search the character by "Super Kanji Search Pro", tap this b
    utton. You can search the information on the character's readings, related chara
    cters or variant characters.
    The character size in the list depends on the system font size. The available ch
    aracter ranges depend on your terminal, the version number of Android and the in
    ternal fonts.

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