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    Published: 2017-08-09, by .

    Chat with everybody with a truly secure and private app

    • Secure and private instant messaging app
    • Free
    • Intuitive interface
    • Needs more users

    "Chat without third parties!"


    Vanish Messenger is a free instant messaging app that will let you chat with your contacts in a completely secure and private way. This is because Vanish uses cutting edge encryption libraries, which assure you that third parties won't have any chance of accessing your messages, not even Vanish's team.

    This app works as any instant messaging app and, obviously, has the necessary features to conversate. However, Vanish Messenger also includes other features that will help you make your conversations absolutely confidential. For example, screenshots are blocked, so users are unable to screenshot conversations and they can't copy your chat content and paste it anywhere outside the app.

    In addition, you can delete sent messages off the receiver's device at any point in time and the messages will disappear for ever in both devices.


    Vanish's interface is intuitive and user-friendly, so everybody can use it easily. Additionally, its privacy features are effective, so the app accomplishes its purpose: being a secure and reliable instant messaging app.


    As any instant messaging app, Vanish Messenger will become truly useful if a lot of people start using it. And, as we have seen, there are many reasons to use Vanish.


    by Miquel

    Aug 09, 2017

    Description launches our latest product, Vanish...

    Great for confidential business conversations or drunk texts.

    Vanish is truly end to end encryption so only you and the receiver will get to read and access it. If you’re phone ends up in the wrong hands, you can wipe those messages and it’ll be gone forever. Third parties, including the Vanish team, have no remote possibility of accessing your messages; the real secure messaging app.

    • Speak Freely - Vanish uses cutting edge encryption libraries to provide privacy and security for all content.

    • Delete Sent Messages - Completely erase sent messages off the receiver's device at any point in time.

    • Screenshot's Blocked - Users are unable to screenshot conversations.

    • No Copy & Paste – Users are unable to copy your chat content.

    • Make a User Vanish - With one tap you can wipe all your data + contact info off a user's device.

    Vanish is fast, reliable and secure.

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