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    Written by an experienced VCE teacher, textbook author and English Exam assessor, this resource contains many great features to help students achieve success in VCE English/EAL (formerly ESL).

    You’ll find a thorough explanation of the course and exam requirements, valuable information about assessment tasks, quizzes to hone basic skills, and many helpful tips and suggestions.

    The app is designed to improve the skills and knowledge required in all areas of VCE English. Furthermore, many aspects of the app are suitable for students of senior English courses anywhere in Australia, even overseas.

    For just $5.99, it’s like having a tutor in your pocket or bag, 24/7!

    All areas of study are covered in detail, as well as fun quizzes, brain teasers and power tips to develop more effective study habits while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

    For example:

    • How organised are you? Complete the TIME MANAGEMENT QUESTIONNAIRE
    • How well can you spell? Take the SPELLING QUIZ
    • How wide is your vocabulary? Take the VOCABULARY QUIZ
    • How good is your general knowledge? Take the GENERAL KNOWLEDGE QUIZ
    • Take a break from your studies. Do the BRAIN TEASER
    • Make sure that you are ready to tackle the demands of VCE. Follow the advice given in HEALTH AND WELLBEING
    • Before you begin the year read ADVICE FOR SUCCESS IN VCE
    • Read about the course and assessment in ENGLISH AND EAL OVERVIEW