Vee makes relationships!

    1) Vee recommends you prospective people around your area whom you can date!

    Wish to date him/her? Like in 1 click ANONYMOUSLY. We connect you ONLY IF YOU HAVE MUTUALLY LIKED EACH OTHER. Otherwise you would no

    2) Vee connects you with your date!

    If the other person likes you back, we connect you together as a pair! YOU CANNOT SEE EACH OTHER UNTIL YOU ARE CONNECTED. That is our way to maintain your anonymity and privacy!

    3) Vee engages you with your date privately and securely!

    Chat privately with your date. Open up. Feel secure. All chats disappear automatically. Remember we connect you with only 1 person at a time.

    4) Vee rescues you if it is not working out!

    Realize later that the person is not for you? Break-up in a click and start again to find a new better date!

    5) Vee is safe and secure!

    We are crazily serious about your privacy. Nothing gets posted on any social network. Ever! All chats disappear.

    6) Vee makes relationships!

    Get in love with cool people around you. Its simple. Its fast. Its fun.

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