VEMOCO is an acronym for "Vehicle Mobile Communication". Our services connect you and your car. All you need to do is to plug the VEMOCO device into the service port (OBD II) of your car, located in the passenger compartment. The device is equipped with mobile communication functionality, shock detector, GPS unit and other features, providing a quasi-continuous connectionto our free-to-download smartphone apps and web portals, and also connecting to our central Customer Service, which is ready to assist you.

    The simple control interface is linked to a range of cutting edge technologies and services. The data continuously incoming from your vehicle enables a safer and cheaper driving experience, while maintaining the appropriate driver’s behaviour reduces insurance premiums, fuel and maintenance costs. Furthermore, you and your loved ones are always looked after while driving by our monitoring service. No matter which member of your family is at the wheel, VEMOCO gives you immediate assistance 24 hours a day in case of an accident or a vehicle malfunction, both at home or abroad. All this is offered at an affordable price within reach for everyone.

    - Decrease your Casco insurance's costs by 40%
    - Safety for your family and your car: 5-25% less accident
    - Decrease your car's fuel and services costs by 5-25%
    - Increase your fleet utilization by up to 15%

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