Vision of The Buddha




    The present work, "Vision of The Buddha - The Buddha and His Teachings", is an entirely new edition of the classic by Ven. Narada Maha Thero under the title "The Buddha and His Teachings".
    Its impressive contents and its unmistakable modernity are among the primary reasons that prompted me to bring out this edition. Another important factor that persuaded me to undertake the present task, is the high admirahon I have for this Ven. Narada Maha Tliero and his life of dedicated service.
    To my mind, Ven. Narada Maha Thero is perhaps the most outstanding Buddhist missionary i n this century. His distinction as Buddhist Missionary is that he was able to share the light of Buddha Dhamma with the peoples in a variety of countries - both in the East and the West, very early i n this century. Anagarika Dharmapala (Ven. Devamitta Dharmapala) earned a name for his Buddhist activism. Ven. Narada Maha Thero's uniqueness has mainly to do with his pioneering efforts to elucidate the principles of the Dhamma to a mass of international readers and listeners who had been alerted to the primary elements of Buddhism by such outstanding persons as Anagarika Dharmapala.
    Ven. Narada Maha Thero was able to stir a new interest in Buddhism, in the young of Sri Lanka and in other lands. His words of spoken Dhamma were soft, clear and had an appeal to the young minds. He addressed these young people in their own frequency and made the Teachings of the Buddha eminently absorbing. The new resurgence of Buddhism i n countries like Sri Lanka is largely due to the influence this Maha Thero's teachings had on these generations.

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