VocalTiles Projects - Autism

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    This application allows you to create projects that will be interpreted with VocalTiles Interpreter

    Each project is composed of multiple pages, where each can represent a exercise session or more generally a grid of images that are useful for the communication of the child.


    VocalTiles is a collection of Android applications that allows, through the adoption of images used in ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) and P. E. C. S. (Picture Exchange Communication System) to create sessions of exercise of discrimination, association and memorization for your son or cards to be able to consult in order to be able to compose sentences or to get them to understand their intentions or state of mind.

    The project is compatible with the version 4.1 Ice Cream Sandwich of Android or higher.

    Applications are developed on ASUS Eee Pad Transformer TF101.

    VocalTiles was born mainly with the purpose of being able to create the game between parents and children in a more immediate and at your fingertips through the use of a tablet, but thanks to its characteristics of programmability and sharing, can be seen as a teaching tool for those who work in the field of autism as tutor or teacher.

    The use of VocalTiles envisages the involvement of someone who is able to follow the child and build cards suitable for him on the basis of their capacity for learning and level of autism.

    Applications that are part of the project VocalTiles each have a different function, even if strictly connected between them.

    I hope this app will be usefull for you!

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