Voice Over Self Direction

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    VO Self Direction
    The pocket coach for the Voice Over Actor

    by, Mary Lynn Wissner, Voices Voicecasting, Los Angeles


    VO Self Direction is your own voiceover coach that you can take into the booth with you!
    Voices Actors are required to audition and perform more than 90% of their voiceover work from their home studios.
    Self Direction can be confusing, frustrating and challenging.
    Designed by voiceover casting director and coach, Mary Lynn Wissner of Voices Voicecasting. As an award winning casting director and coach, Mary Lynn knows these are the 5 most popular directions that ad agencies and production companies ask for over and over. For the last 25 years, Mary Lynn has cast thousands of voices in thousands of TV, radio, narrations, games, and audiobooks. These directions have never gone out of style...they are the foundation of all voiceovers. And, with added emotions and triggers, the voiceover talent can take their read to the level...showing off their range.

    - The 5 Popular Directions
    - Sample Scripts
    - Sample Audio
    - List of Emotions & Triggers to enhance read
    - Charcter Audio and Reads

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