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    This is the PRO version of the app "Volume Button Recorder FREE". On the PRO version:

    - No ads are shown.
    - You can password protect the app and your secret recordings.
    - There is no limit on the length of the recordings (on the free version of the app, the recordings can have only up to 2 minutes in length)
    - You can disable the vibration when the app starts/stops recording.
    - You can disable the messages displayed when the app starts/stops recording.


    Press volume up or down to start recording.
    Press volume up or down to stop recording.

    It's as simple as that.

    Secretly record your meetings.
    Secretly record your conversations.
    Secretly record anything you want.

    Start the app. After that, do anything you want with your device. Open another app. Do ANYTHING you want. While the app is running in the background, every time you press one of the volume buttons, the app will start/stop recording using your device's microphone.

    You can turn your device's screen off and still start/stop recording by pressing the volume buttons.

    When recording is started, the device will vibrate briefly for a single time.
    When recording is stopped, the device will vibrate briefly 3 consecutive times.
    You can disable this behavior, but it's not recommended since you may forget the app running in the background and start recording.

    The app records the audio in Hi-Quality / Hi-Fidelity by default. You can choose to use lower sample rates to reduce the file size of the recordings, but the quality will also be lower. Test it and decide by yourself.



    Prevent phone from sleeping - necessary to be able to start recording after the screen is turned off.
    Vibration - necessary in case the user wants the phone to vibrate when a recording is started/stopped.
    Record Audio - Obviously, it's necessary to be able to record audio :-).
    Write External Storage - necessary to be able to save the audio files recorded using the app.


    Still to come on the next releases:

    - encryption on the audio files recorded using the app.
    - sharing options: email, Dropbox, Google Drive.


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