VolunteerCare AVID Program




    The Volunteer Care App is a feature and content rich “in the pocket” resource for Australian volunteers. The app contains important tips, information and tools, about health, safety and security, insurance and psychological support available, whilst on assignment.

    Features of the Volunteer Care App include:

    Guide: Comprising of a library of "Question and Answer" type content elements, to guide Volunteers about the health, psychological and insurance support services available pre, on, and post-assignment.

    Tools: Initially comprising of the Mental Wellbeing Check-in Tool, which can enable the volunteer to answer a series of questions about their mental health and can direct them to online resources or a further psychological assessment or be guided to further support available from Response Psychological Services.

    Contacts: Where one can conveniently access contact information from key contacts/ support providers (e.g. AHI Assist, Gow-Gates Insurance Brokers, Scope Global, Globe Medical, and Response Psychological).

    Tips: Comprising of informative but concise articles in relation to matters primarily of a health, psychological, assistance and insurance nature. Tips are of a general nature only and do not require medical or psychological service providers to be engaged in order to make good use of these resources.

    Notifications: Important updates about resources available within the application, and/ or important issues or news which might affect the insured and link them to certain resources are available within the application or more broadly, so that award recipients can receive timely information and reminders.

    Key sections of the mobile application and associated features will be accessible offline, in the event of a remote critical incident and/or catastrophic event, where internet access is likely to be restricted or limited.