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    Never forget to send best wishes on a birthday or other occasion ever again.
    Plan greetings in advance. Schedule as many as you like for as often as you like.

    Plan ahead. Schedule email messages/greetings to ensure you don’t forget a special day, including the birthdays of distant relatives. You just need to get the date and their email address, enter it into WannaGreetTrial once, select (or compose a greeting) and we do the rest.

    Select from a number of pre-created greetings, or make some greetings, or other types of messages, of your own, in your own language. Even though the app is in English, your greeting/message can be in any language you want.

    Messages can be sent to an individual or to a greeting list.
    You can schedule the sending for a set date and time, or for the same time every year (annually), such as a birthday.
    Greeting Lists are handy when you want to send the same message to a number of people. Sample; Happy New Year / Easter or a National Day message.
    Alternative to cards, flowers, sms, phone call or the common Facebook greeting.

    You have the option of getting a copy of all sent greetings to your own email inbox as an extra reminder to yourself.
    Scheduled Messages/Greetings will be sent from our servers even if your phone is off or not connected at the time.

    Organized using 3 lists:
    A list of greetings, some that you compose and some we have created for you.
    A list of contacts where you set each recipients contact details, special date and select the greeting to send, example on their birthday.
    A greeting-list that will send a selected greeting individually to a list of contacts, example a Christmas greeting, Happy New Year or just a scheduled reminder.

    Sample greeting:
    New Years Greeting from YourName
    Happy New Year YourFriendsName and best of luck. Hope you celebrated with style. Best Wishes for the year to come from YourName

    To use WannaGreet you will be asked to create your own login
    Login is required to keep any created greetings/messages personal.

    For more info; website:

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    Warning: We don't monitor messages but if a complaint comes in, profanities, obscenities and messages that is defamatory, or could be found offending would be removed from WannaGreet without notice.

    WannaGreet is for you to send your greetings for: birthday, anniversary, new year, Christmas, Easter.
    It uses an email scheduler/timer for automatic reminders, so you will remember and won't forget, by pre scheduling, like a calendar planner.
    Use it to reach your: mum, mother, dad, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, uncle, aunt, grandmother, grannie, grandfather, cousin, second cousins or other more distant relatives

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