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    Waterfall Live Wallpaper offers awe-inspiring scenery - an exquisite view of majestic waterfalls will embellish your mobile phones and tablets. Discover the powerful and breathtaking “Niagara Falls”, or the Angel Falls in a matter of seconds with one of the coolest “HD wallpapers”.The most stunning free wallpaper offers a number of amazing choices of the tallest, biggest, largest and most beautiful falls in the world. Do you want to see “Victoria Falls” from up close? “Waterfall Wallpaper” will give you this opportunity, all for free!

    ★ Magical HD “live wallpaper” for your new smartphone!
    ★ Be inspired by the beautiful pictures of this “nature wallpaper” inspired by cool cascades!
    ★ There is full support for landscape mode and home-screen switching!
    ★ Choose one of the cool backgrounds inspired by the beautiful waterfalls!
    ★ These fun, free and cute backgrounds are waiting for you!
    Installation instructions:
    Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers
    ★ HD graphics and open GL.
    ★ New “waterfall backgrounds” are added daily – collect them all!
    ★ Optimized Battery Usage.
    ★ This application is compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.
    ★ Waterfall Live Wallpaper fully supports horizontal orientation and looks amazing on tablet devices as well as on mobile phones.

    Have you always wanted to see the voluminous waterfall on the Niagara River? Who says dreams do not come true? One of the best desktop wallpapers is your free ticket to witness one of the marvelous sights between the twin cities of Niagara Falls, Ontario, and Niagara Falls, New York – nature pictures inspired by the cool waterfalls will make you feel rejuvenated instantly. Conquer the Blue Nile river and explore the stunning Blue Nile Falls in a matter of seconds with brand new “Waterfall Live Wallpaper”! Experience the bliss of the water world and feel the power of nature first hand with one of the best cool wallpapers. Go to Zambia, Zimbabwe, or Venezuela any day of the week and see some of the coolest water falls imaginable. Immerse yourself into the crystal clear sparkling water whenever you glance at your screen and feel the fresh water and cool water drops wash all your worries away. These nature images are the new free screensavers that will take your breath away.
    Imagine water flowing rapidly and then majestically falling over a steep cliff or a mountain - one of the most beautiful and breathtaking natural wonders of our planet could be beautifying your screen for free. See the tall and majestic Angel Falls – you can be transported to this wonderful national park in South America as soon as you get this “free download”. Can you believe that you have the opportunity to see the tallest, largest and the most beautiful falls in the world, completely free of charge?! “Waterfall LWP” can even take you to hot Africa and cool you with the the stunning falls on the Zambezi River – the mesmerizing Victoria Falls. The well known natural miracle known for its height and forming the largest sheet of falling water in the world. Pick the most inspiring “Waterfall Background” and feast your eyes on the impressive cascades whenever you glance at one of the best apps for Android™. Experience the power of a mighty waterfall in the midst of a deep rainforest, or gently sprinkle your smartphone with water drops! Your tablet or phone screen can be immensely beautified by this incredible background wallpaper. This is one of those cute wallpaper that can take you to that ideal romantic place and make you feel like love is in the air whenever you glance at the lovely waterfalls. You will be under the impression that you can hear the soothing waterfall sounds with the surreal high definition “Waterfalls Wallpaper”! Cool off, feel the serenity and enjoy the magic!

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