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    Widgets you can wear. Put virtually any homescreen widget from your phone onto your smartwatch or Google Glass. Supports Android Wear, Samsung Gear (except Fit/2), and Sony SmartWatch (all models).

    NOTE: You MUST have one of these devices (Glass or a supported smartwatch) to use this app! See below for device-specific instructions; lots more info is available at

    If you have any difficulties, please email us, or stop by our community on Google+: Please do not just leave a complaint as a comment here: this is an app store, not a support forum.


    Wearable Widgets creates a bridge from your phone to your wearable device for the thousands of widgets available on Android. You don't need to wait for developers to support smartwatches or Glass; get your apps on your wearable now, in a format that the developer has already designed for a small screen.

    Now, please adjust your expectations…

    • This free app supports unlimited usage of one widget at a time. Multiple widget support for smartwatches is available as a small, one-time in-app purchase: please confirm that your favorite widgets are compatible with your watch before buying.

    • You’ll find that taps and swipes on your wearable device aren't quite as nifty as when you interact directly with your phone – there’s some unavoidable lag in the connection between devices.

    • Also, when you tap or swipe a widget on your wearable device, it will flash briefly on the screen of your phone. This is a known behavior.

    • Some widgets lend themselves better than others to the screen size on wearable devices – please use common sense.

    • There are also some known compatibility issues with a few specific widgets, including Wink and some clocks. If you're having trouble with one, you can find more info at

    Using with Android Wear

    With your watch paired to your phone, just install and run this app, and select a widget or two. Then say to your watch, "Ok Google, start widgets!" (If you prefer, you can also find WW in the touch menu of the watch, in the "Start…" app list.)

    You can also set Wearable Widgets as your watch face; additional instructions are at

    Using with Tizen Gear

    First, install and run this app on your phone to configure your widgets. Then open the Samsung Gear app, and in the Gear Apps store, search for “Wearable Widgets” to install the watch component. It's available both as a clock face and as an interactive app.

    Please note that using Tizen watches (other than the Gear S2 & S3) with non-Samsung phones is not supported.

    Also, this app does not generate the Gear S series' native "widgets". Doing so is on our radar, but they use a completely different tech than our existing apps, so it's a significant amount of work. Stay tuned!

    Using with Sony SmartWatch 1 and 2

    You’ll need Sony's Smart Connect app ( installed and configured on your phone. Then just run Wearable Widgets, and select a widget from the list that pops up. To see it on your wrist, simply tap our “W” icon on the watch's home screen.

    Using with Google Glass

    To show a widget on Glass, you’ll need this app installed on your phone, plus a small second app on Glass. You can find the Glassware download (plus more instructions) at our website, Run the phone app to set up your widget, then just say, "OK Glass… Show widgets".

    Unfortunately, multiple widgets are not supported on Glass; see for info.

    Widget images are used with the permissions of their respective developers.
    Portions of the screenshots are reproduced from work created and shared by the AOSP and used according to terms described in the CC 2.5 Attribution License.
    Smart Connect extension for SmartWatch 2
    LiveWare extension for SmartWatch

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    Ayla Abbott

    by Ayla Abbott

    Nov 13, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    The lack of a Samsung SmartThings widget on a Samsung watch being run by a Samsung phone is beyond irritating. But this app bridges the gap in a perfectly acceptable manner. I'd have paid more for the upgrade for sure!

    Miguel Mendoza

    by Miguel Mendoza

    Nov 08, 2017  |  "OK"

    Where do I find the widget app for the gear 2 neo? , I used to work with it perfect, to me no drain battery happened

    roham moradifard

    by roham moradifard

    Oct 15, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    This app is so great!

    mitchell ogrady

    by mitchell ogrady

    Oct 05, 2017  |  "Poor"


    Donald Lugo

    by Donald Lugo

    Sep 09, 2017  |  "Good"

    It does not work when the phone is asleep. I wanted to use it for Wake On LAN apps. If the phone screen is at least lit up, it will work. If the phone is asleep, and I tap the app on the watch, I can hear the phone doing the tap sound, but nothing happens. I have tried multiple wol apps, but nothing works, they all do the same thing. I cannot tell if it is the app on the phone, or the app on the watch, or an Android issue altogether.

    Mathew Carey

    by Mathew Carey

    Aug 21, 2017  |  "Great"

    Fantastic and absolutely essential app for non-Android wearables (like my Gear S3). I use it for Gmail and National Rail widgets. One glitch (hence 4 stars) is that when having multiple 'Wearable Widgets', they often revert to the same app / widget (e.g. 2x Gmail widgets), therefore I have to touch below one of the duplicate widgets and scroll (once again) to the correct app / widget (e.g National Rail). Hopefully this can be fixed.