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    Radar, Satellite and Rain overlays - Get real-time snow and rain tracking or mixed precipitation data, and cloud cover in high resolution and vivid colors. Get a powerful yet easy-to-use weather station right on your device with Weather Radar & Alerts. Real-time animated weather radar images on a highly interactive map enhanced with severe weather warnings provide accurate weather forecast and don’t let bad weather take you by surprise.

    Track and view weather forecasts and current conditions for “My Location” to get real-time updates wherever you go, or add any location you choose.

    Please download our Weather Radar & Alerts, You will see that Weather today is updated hourly. The Local Weather Radar & Alerts Routing & Departure Planning is calculated on the PredictWind server with the highest resolution forecast data, but the file size is incredibly small, making it ideal for transmission over low bandwidth Satellite & SSB connections.

    Hourly – 2 day / 48 Hour
    Detailed – 1.5 days, detailed
    Extended – 10 days
    12 Week – a Weather Radar & Alerts exclusive, the 12 Week PRECISONCAST from renowned meteorologist Gary Lezak. A must for planning weddings, vacations, reunions, parties, and other outdoor events! Features video and text forecasts.

    The Mobile Weather Radar & Alerts App includes:

    • Access to station content specifically for our mobile users
    • Option to enable specific geolocation tracking for precise location­-based weather data
    • Current weather updated multiple times per hour.
    • Status notification: instantaneously displays current temperature and conditions
    • Home screen: Changes based on your current location, weather, and the time of day, so you get your current conditions plus the weather information you need most.
    • 7-day forecast for the future
    • You can see weather in any places you like, ex: London weather, Paris weather, San Francisco weather, Houston weather.
    • Easy to set up and slide between different locations
    • Display the visibility
    • Track rain, wind and temperature: get your minute-by-minute forecast for the next two hours
    • The current temperature sometimes feels colder than the forecast, even in the sun!
    • Display yesterday's temperature, can be used as a reference for today's temperature
    • Daily and Hourly forecasts updated hourly from our computer models.
    • Ability to add and save your favorite locations.
    • Severe weather alerts from the National Weather Service.

    Daily updates at a glance:
    Get the latest Weather Radar & Alerts, radar maps and customizable weather reports from your home screen.

    Local & National Forecasts:
    Hourly, 15-day and weekend forecasts available in Celsius or Fahrenheit for the US, Canada, and locations around the world. Weather Radar & Alerts today, tomorrow, and for the next two weeks with your Global and Local Forecast Summary. Plan for the sun this weekend!

    Lightning Alerts:
    Get real-time alerts for your GPS location, and know where lightning is striking near you.

    24/7 Remote Temps:
    Populate your notification bar with the current temperatures of your favorite locations worldwide. Weather Radar & Alerts is your superior daily forecast, weather tracker and radar widget.

    Plan for Trips:
    Get access to seasonal weather trends, road conditions, the tides, and 15-day forecasts for your favorite destinations like Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto and Vancouver.

    Real-time temperature, feels like temperature, current clock / time, tomorrow time. It is very practical.

    Download and view Weather Radar & Alerts, Weather Routing and Departure Planning for your next offshore passage. Today Weather, the best free weather app, provides accurate current & future weather info.

    Track rain, view current temperature and get live storm alerts with your accurate GPS tracker and rain radar. Get daily updates and find out the global or local weather today.

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