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    The most accurate, live weather app for weather forecast, rain prediction, weather alerts, climate updates and temperature in celsius, centigrade as well as in fahrenheit.

    If you wish to know the real time weather forecast in your city, install this app now. Whether you are in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, London, Delhi, Singapore, Sydney, Auckland, Bangalore, Berlin, Paris, Toronto, Amsterdam, Hawaii, Bali or any other part of the world, this is the only Weather app you need.

    Backed by calculations by supercomputers, the Live Weather app is the most accurate weather information app on the planet. It can accurately predict the time of next rain, cyclone, wind speed, wind direction, humidity, snowfall, sunrise, sunset and the temperature in your city. Wether you plan to remain indoors, or spend your day outdoors, this is the weather app you need.

    You can set up weather alerts to manage your schedule better and know the best time to to go out. If you are planning to go outdoor for hiking or adventure sports, Live weather forecast app will help you plan your outing because it gives you live weather alerts.

    There’s no login required. The wether app automatically detects your location, and gives you live weather updates. Whether forecast is for rain or a sunny day, you’d know before anyone else.

    Some of the advanced features include Hourly weather updates, 10 day weather forecast, 15 day weather forecast and even 30 day weather forecast. Get weather information for today, tomorrow or for this entire week.

    Set your phone wallpaper with dynamic weather updates or sync the app with your calendar. You can also share the real time weather updates with your friends.

    Install the Live weather forecast app now to track real time weather in your city.

    How to check accurate weather:
    1. Install the Live Weather Forecast App
    2. Search for the city you want to check weather in. You can do it by entering city name or pincode.
    3. Scroll right to check for weather of next days.
    4. You can change the city anytime by placing a new search in search box of our weather app.

    Please do share your experience about our weather app, do not forget to write us if you want any new features to be added in our weather app. Our team is highly dedicated to understand the need of our users and plan the new features and updates in our weather app.

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