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    Web Analytics aims to be the ultimate Google Analytics data collection tool for your Android device. Unlike some other apps that can only scratch the surface, Web Analytics can display you all the metrics and dimensions data Google Analytics offers, not just a small selection of them. It even includes your customized data. It handles both websites and mobile apps with equal ease.

    All data are displayed in three different formats:

    - tabular data with exact figures
    - easy-to-grasp pie and bar charts
    - scrollable charts to examine the timeline

    Again, not only a handful of selected charts are shown: all data returned by Google Analytics can be viewed in all these displays. Both tables and charts can be tapped on to dig deeper and get statistics data filtered down to the last applicable criteria. Timed charts show the relevant data in an easy-to-grasp overview of the timespan selected and allow to scroll in both directions to discover any time frame you want to examine.

    NOTE: Web Analytics uses the latest mechanism provided by Android to connect to your Google Analytics account, the so-called Google Play Services (even on older devices). This system service handles every aspect of the connection to your account, WEB ANALYTICS NEVER GETS ACCESS TO YOUR PASSWORD OR OTHER SENSITIVE CREDENTIALS.

    All Android applications need to ask the user for various permissions prior to installation. Web Analytics needs the following permissions to operate properly:

    GET ACCOUNTS and USE CREDENTIALS = These are required by Google Play Services to allow the app to connect to Google Analytics. GET ACCOUNTS means that Web Analytics will be able to list the accounts you have on your device so that you can choose which one to use. USE CREDENTIALS means that Web Analytics will be able to ask the system to handle all that stuff at the system level so that it can get the data without ever learning your password or any other sensitive data.

    ACCESS NETWORK STATE and INTERNET = To obtain the statistics data from your Google Analytics account over the net and also to notify you if you happen to use Web Analytics with no active network connection.

    WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE = To create a temporary image file of a chart if you decide to share it (without sharing, there are no such file operations at all). These temporary files are deleted automatically after use.

    There is no outgoing communication from Web Analytics to any web site other than requesting Google Analytics itself for statistics data. There are no advertisements shown in the app.

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