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    Wifi Analyzer- Home & Office Wifi Security has been called one of the most impressive router network utilities on the google play store. Wifi Analyzer has many tools to monitor and secure your home or office wireless network. Wifi Analyzer allows you to check the Signal Info, Block Unwanted Connections, Diagnose your Wireless Speed and Strength, as well as map your network on a professional graph visually showing the activity on your wireless network.

    This app is a must-have for users of all skill levels, from beginners to IT specialists and skilled network administrators. With Wifi Security a growing concern this app will give you an edge in monitoring your wifi network and keep hackers away.

    Key functions:

    This is the only FREE app on google play store that will map your entire network in a graphical display!

    • Network Discover Tab:

    1) Displays IP addresses
    2) MAC addresses
    3) Vendor names
    4) Wireless access points (WAP, AP)
    5) Customize images/icons and edit display names.
    6) Ping, Port Scan, Block user from wifi

    • Wifi Strength Tab:

    1) Displays Wifi signal strength and wifi speed!
    2) Test internet connections
    3) Display Public IP address
    4) Encryption, Frequency, MAC address, DHCP, and DHCP lease

    • Access Point Scan Tab:

    -Displays all router Access Points in range of you, their MAC addresses, channel they are on, and their dBm signal strength.

    • Access Point Graphs Tab:

    -Displays the current channel your router is operating on and displays how many neighbors are on the same channel. On the channel rating page, it will rate which channel will be your best option to set your Wi-Fi to for speed and reliability.

    • Connections Tab:

    -Displays ALL connections that are currently connected through your device. It displays established foreign connections, listening IP interfaces, and closed connections. Each established IP is checked against 35 blacklist databases to determine if the IPs are trusted or known threats! Blacklist IPs can cause your internet speeds to be slower too.

    • Block Device on Network Tab:

    Block will bring you to your devices web interface so you can log in and blacklist unwanted MAC address to the router's MAC address filter list to block devices from using the network.

    • IP Tools Options

    1. DNS lookup
    2. Whois data
    3. Ping
    4. Port scan
    5. Blacklist IP checker
    7. Traceroute
    8) MAC address lookup
    9) Wifi passwords


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