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    WiFi Smart Socket is a smart socket with WiFi function to control the home appliances' switches by mobile phone or tablet when you are at home or on travel.

    How To Use

    Register and Login
    For the first time user, please download and install the APP. You could down the app software for free from Apple APP Store or Android Google Play or our official website. You could enter "wifisocket or wifisocket80" to search our APP named "WiFi Socket 80" on APP Store or Google Play or our official website or our QR or other APP application markets.

    Open the APP to register (create an account with your email address) and login.

    Configuration steps for first time use
    1st, click “Add Advice” on APP.

    2nd, press 3 seconds to the switch button on the side of unit, and then release it. The yellow light works 5 seconds in slow flashing state (slow flashing means 1-time flashing per second). After the yellow light ends the slow flashing state, it works 5 seconds in non-flashing state.

    3rd, when the yellow light ends the non-flashing state, it works in fast flashing state (fast flashing means 3-time flashing per second), at the same time click “Configuration” button on the APP interface of smart mobile phone or smart tablet.

    After you click “Configuration” button, the configuration process will be completed in 20 seconds, and the yellow light goes out, which indicates a successful configuration.

    Turn Socket ON/OFF
    After configuration, click “ON/OFF” button on APP, it will turn on/off your sockets wherever they are.
    Green button means “ON”, Red means “OFF”

    Set Timing Schedules
    Set timing schedules for your sockets on the APP

    “Timing” button will be activated after dragging colored buttons to your schedules. Click it to finish setting. Simple! Easy! Fast!

    The free app makes it easy to set schedules for appliances and electronics at your home. Use your smart phone or tablet to program a lamp to turn on or off at a certain time of day.

    Easy to share with your family and friends
    Click the "Friends" button and click the icon on the top right corner, and then input the account name of your friend to add your friend to share with this socket. He/she can manage your socket anywhere and anytime , when he/she has got your invitation.

    And you have the absolute authority to decide who can touch your sockets!

    The WiFi Smart Socket could turn electronic devices ON or OFF from anywhere inside or outside your home by your smart mobile phone or tablet. It uses your existing home WiFi network to provide wireless control of TVs, lamps, stereos, watering faucets, water heater, and more. Simply download the free the app software, plug the WiFi Smart Socket into an outlet at your home, and plug any device into the WiFi Smart Socket. You'll be able to control the device ON or OFF by your smart phone or tablet. You can also add additional switches to your home to tablet to control more devices.

    Turn Your Electronics ON or OFF from Anywhere and anytime
    The WiFi Smart Socket works with the free APP to give you wireless control of your home appliances and electronics. If you want to turn on a light from your kitchen, front yard, or office, the WiFi smart socket could make it easily and quickly.
    The switch also operates over mobile Internet (3G), which means you can control home devices from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

    Modular System Allows For Multiple Configurations
    This WiFi Smart Socket is completely modular, allowing you to control as much or as little of your home as you like. You can add multiple switches to your home and turn them all ON at once or program each one to turn ON or OFF at certain times.

    Compatibility Information
    The WiFi smart socket is compatible with Apple (iOS 5 and higher) and Android (4.0 and higher) devices and your existing WiFi router.

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