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    The application Win Roulette uses a mathematical law that is called the Third Law to hypothesize a possible range of numbers with greater probability of leaving a given initial sequence numbers .
    To take full advantage of this application it is advisable to have a substantial initial budget( to cope with a possible occurrence of sequences in the negative bets).
    In the first phase it is recommended to spin the roulette without betting and insert the sequence of numbers drawn in the app. when the app will have highlighted the sequence of numbers, you will enter the second phase in which you will have to bet on each of them the established bet (for example € 0.10) as long as you do not come to a victory (while continuing to enter the numbers come out ) .
    Once delivered the victory the cycle will repeat itself by spreading from the first phase .

    N.B. The application uses the values ​​of the fixed budget and bet to € 50 and € 0.10 .
    These values ​​have been designed to provide a closure in positive in most of the conditions .
    Of course, the user can decide not to comply with these values, for example by doubling the bet again and again rather than keep it constant and/or start the path with a budget other than the recommended application.

    WARNING: No calculation or mathematical law is able to provide an accurate prediction of 100%. YOU ASSUME TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY AND RISK FOR YOUR USE OF THIS application.

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