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    Wireless Studio Mobile is an application that allows you to monitor or operate Sony digital wireless system (DWX series) via a Wi-Fi router on your smartphone or tablet.

    ・Monitoring function
     Two types of views are available. One shows RF level, QL level, AF peak, Battery status and pairing status of multiple transmitters graphically at once. The other shows detailed status of receivers and transmitters individually.

    ・Control function
     You can make settings or changes to the following: names of receivers and the paired transmitters, power save, RF power, input level, attenuator, low cut filter, +48V power supply, internal signal, power switch lock, analog output level, antenna attenuator, antenna DC power supply, sync source, and delay adjustment. You can enable/disable the control function by Read-only mode setting.

    *1) Compatible models: DWR-R01D, DWR-R02D and DWR-R02DN (as of May, 2014)
    *2) Up to 16 receivers and 32 transmitters are recommended maximum numbers per system; the available number may be affected by Wi-Fi conditions.
    *3) The Read-only mode is enabled by default.
    *4) Group/channel numbers or frequency may not appear correctly when you choose customized channel plans.

    [Connection procedure]
    1) Connect a Wi-Fi router with the network of your digital wireless receiver.
    (Set the Wi-Fi router’s IP address to “192.168.0.XX”, and put random numbers in XX avoiding duplicates within the network.)
    2) Connect your smartphone or tablet to the Wi-Fi router.
    (The network key of the Wi-Fi router protects the system security.)
    3) Start the application.
    4) Receivers on the network are automatically detected. Receivers and transmitters appear on the display.

    [Recommended operating environment]
     Android 4.1 or later
     This application is not guaranteed to work on all smartphones and tablets.

    [Supported Firmware Version]
    DWT-B01 V1.32 or higher
    DWT-B01/E V2.23 or higher
    DWT-B01N V1.10 or higher
    DWT-B01N(CE21/U14) V2.00 or higher
    DWT-P01 V1.32 or higher
    DWT-P01/E V2.22 or higher
    DWM-01 V1.24 or higher
    DWM-02 V1.04 or higher
    DWM-02N V1.10 or higher
    DWR-R01D V1.25 or higher
    DWR-R02D V1.05 or higher
    DWR-R02DN V1.10 or higher
    RMU-01 V1.23 or higher

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