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    A quick reference for those who practice Witchcraft and Magick, along with a link to the, a fast growing website digest for Witches, Wiccans, and the curious pagan.

    The app includes:
    - Calendar with Sabbats and Esbats, Moon Phases with (VOC) Void Of Course.
    - How too's on Creating and Casting Spells.
    - Witchcraft.
    - Magick Tools of the trade.
    - Correspondences.
    - Book of Shadows reference and use.
    - A guide to Familiar and Power Animals.
    - and More...

    Hi, I’m Summer Song.

    I’ve been using magick for most of my life. Since I can remember actually. Besides being called a natural witch and other names (some not so nice), I have been a dedicated witch since 1998. I first began learning from physical teachers, you know the living breathing kind, a long time ago.

    Yes, I began learning about Wicca. My foundations are in Wicca and I have always been a religious and spiritual woman. I spent the first two years studying witchcraft from Wiccans. No, I didn’t join the coven but I did grow to respect them as witches and people. My life took me into solitude as a witch and in my practice, I learned and grew as an Eclectic Solitary Witch.

    This Witch Digest app is intended to be helpful to those who are new and alone and who already know the very basics of witchcraft such as what is magick and how does it work. Using spells and doing rituals. It is not fun sometimes to not have anyone to talk to about a spell you did or someone to get advice from when it comes to magick. It is difficult to learn from experience, books and intuition all on your own. Fellowship is nice to have but when you are alone and you need information or a fresh perspective, I hope you find that here. There are many great apps, books and websites to gain information from. I hope this is one that you will find a good resource as it grows.

    I don’t plan to address the religious part of witchcraft such as specific holidays or specific religious rituals but I will likely brush over religion and religious beliefs because I believe that religion plays a huge role for most people. Not necessarily Wiccan religion but any religion. Not every Witch is religious and some are Atheist. I believe that religion through core beliefs can and do affect our magickal experiences, practices, and results. None being better than the other, by the way.

    There is a great deal of controversies surrounding witchcraft and within witchcraft itself. There are many individual beliefs and practices. There are many different meanings to correspondences and it is my belief that in this diversity there is valuable information to be shared. What I write is based on my own personal beliefs, experiences and personal perspective on witchcraft. Some will agree and some will disagree with the content on this site. What you believe is up to you to decide?

    It is our intent here behind the scenes to encourage and promote Positive change, self-healing, and personal growth through the use of witchcraft because that is what we believe it is best used for.

    If you wish to impart some knowledge or your perspective on this app please use the email address provided.

    I would like to see others contribute from a fresh perspective, as long as it is helpful. Specifically, hate speech will not be tolerated. If your opinion is hateful, keep it to yourself. There is enough hate in this world. Spread kindness and courtesy in this world... Remember "ye harm none, do what ye will".

    And please take the time to rate my Witch Digest Android app.

    -- Summer Song

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    Phantom Z

    by Phantom Z

    Nov 13, 2017  |  "Good"

    Alot of the info is correct just need more content and rituals.

    Melissa Hunt

    by Melissa Hunt

    Nov 07, 2017  |  "OK"

    Half of the "what is witchcraft" article is bashing different paths and there's nothing I can use on here as a witch that has been practicing for a few years now.

    Lisa Delgado

    by Lisa Delgado

    Sep 29, 2017  |  "Good"

    Very great resource, but almost impossible to navigate.

    Crave Shadowrose

    by Crave Shadowrose

    Sep 21, 2017  |  "Poor"

    Text was so small I couldn't read it and I couldn't blow it up. Uninstalled immediately.

    Ed DeQuasie

    by Ed DeQuasie

    Sep 18, 2017  |  "Good"

    App looks very useful, but is very difficult to navigate on my device. Text is either super tiny and impossible to read or monstrous so only a few words fit on my screen. I just spent 2 minutes trying to scroll through the calendar for September and never even made it to Mabon before I gave up. I really hoped this would be a great app because we have so few decent ones. It has huge potential and appears to have a lot of info - I'd love for this to be the top Wiccan/Pagan app in the store, but for me it won't work at the moment. I'll try again in a few updates or when I get a new device. Maybe it just doesn't play nice with a Galaxy Note 3.

    Henry 'tMannetje

    by Henry 'tMannetje

    Aug 23, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    An indispensable resource regardless of whether you are in a coven or practicing solo, I've been practicing spellcraft and ritualistic magic for over 20 years solo and have learned many techniques and ideas that have helped me craft better rituals and spells from this wonderful resource. Thank you and Blessed Be Summer! ?