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    Published: 2017-03-16, by .

    WOOM provides helpful information to maximize your fertility to get pregnant

    • Good-looking, clean UI
    • Relevant information for women
    • Easy to register
    • Not in English
    • Requires a constant and consistent internet connection

    "Track your fertility"


    WOOM: Ovulation & Fertility provides fertility tracking tools for women who are looking to get pregnant. After entering your information, consisting of your e-mail, period date, birthday, and more, WOOM will show you what days you’re most likely to get pregnant in. You can also keep a daily diary of your regular cycle as well as your sexual activity. WOOM lets you edit your last period date and personalize your duration, and will provide relevant content around fertility and health living to keep you in your best shape.


    WOOM provides a good-looking and clean UI with relevant information for women, plus registering your information isn’t all that difficult, and you won’t have a tough time using this app.


    Yet, in order to use WOOM, you will need an active internet connection, which is disappointing that basic fertility and ovulation information isn’t made available offline. Plus, don’t expect this app to have English text.

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    Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    Mar 16, 2017


    Woom will show you more than just an ovulation and fertile window calculator, it will help you understand your own body and you will be able to optimize your fertility so you can conceive faster. Thanks to WOOM’s algorithm, which was developed by several technicians and medical team, you will have an app that really will adapts to your personal needs. Every woman is different, we have different cycles, different lifestyle, different age and different eating habits just to mention a few. All these differences are considered by our WOOM’s algorithm in order to adjust to you and provide you with a true personal experience. We are already more than 6 thousands. Would you like to join us?

    With WOOM you will be able to:

    - Calculate with precision your ovulation days and your daily chances of pregnancy.

    - Keep a daily diary of your cycle and sexual activity. The more we know you, the best our predictions.

    - Improve your fertility through our content - validated by experts- around nutrition, sexuality and physical activity.

    - You will be able to have a personalized app. WOOM adapts to you and your needs to offer you a unique experience, tailored for you and will help you understand your own body.

    - Share it with your partner. Keep your partner updated on key dates like the beginning of your fertile window and your peak day. You can link and email to your WOOM account.

    - Share your experience with us and help us improve our product. Share your experience on any of our social network channels (no quise poner lo de G+)


    - Calculates your period and fertiles days with precision.
    - It shows your daily chances of pregnancy
    - Calendar: for a maximum control of your cycle and ovulation days.
    - Edit your last period and personalize the duration of your menstrual cycle.
    - Get notifications on your period and your fertile window.
    - Get relevant content around healthy eating habits, lifestyle, fertility, sexuality and more.

    WOOM will also alert your partner (in case he is connected) when your fertile window is about to start.
    Keep a record of your key data: duration and days of your period, your menstrual cycle, the beginning and end of your ovulation days, your weight, cervical mucus, physical activity, spotting etc.

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