Collaborators: Katherine Larson, Andrea Stewart, Aizhan Toregozhina, Celine Vos

    Do you, like, struggle with, um... repeating, like, the same words over and over during a speech? Use this Android app to connect with your Pebble smartwatch and get notified when you subconsciously say "like," "um," or any other words you specify! Perfect the art of public speaking by receiving real-time vibrations on your wrist. You'll also be able to make sure you don't go over your speech time limit and receive helpful feedback when you're finished.

    1. Connect your Pebble Smartwatch to your Android device.
    2. Enter the target length of your speech, the words you wish to prevent, and the maximum number of times you are allowed to say the words before you are notified.
    3. Begin! Leave your phone on the podium during your speeches or use a Bluetooth microphone to be more inconspicuous! The application will review what you've said if you pause it or whenever you click on the microphone button. If you've surpassed the word limit, you'll get a notification on your watch!

    **YOU CAN USE THIS APP EVEN IF YOU DON'T HAVE A PEBBLE! The information will still display on the phone. However, the application will not send you direct notifications.