XlContactExport Pro

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    XlContactExport is an application dedicated to create a formatted Excel file containing all the major informations of your Android smartphone database of contacts.

    The export file can be stored on your SD card, a remote FTP site, and even sent on your email address.

    XlContactExport can be used as :
    - a solution to give you a overview of all your contacts informations in a single file
    - a contacts back-up solution, used conjointly with sister app XlContactImport
    - a alternative solution to migrate the data from one android device to another, used conjointly with sister app XlContactImport
    - a solution to add or modify easily your contacts data, used conjointly with sister app XlContactImport.

    Try it without risk on your phone : export your data, and look the resulting Excel file !

    This app is the Pro version of "XlContactExport". "XlContactExport Pro" contains special and exclusives features :
    - XLSX format support, as an alternative to the old XLS format
    - Dropbox support, to export your contact database file on your Dropbox account
    - Improved speed of work, visible on small or medium-sized contact databases
    - No ad banners

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