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    Published: 2016-02-26, by .

    This is definitely interesting if you think you have topics you feel alone about.

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    "Answers To Your Questions"


    Use to ask questions of all the users and see what their answers are. If your question gets enough upvotes, they might even take it to someone famous and get them to answer. You can also send targeted questions to certain celebrities.


    You do actually learn a lot about the celebrities that other people want to ask questions, and a few people here and there do ask thought provoking questions. When the app works, it is extremely easy to use and definitely works quickly.


    I don't really see a lot of return investment on this app, as I asked a few questions and didn't really have a single one get answered by anyone. Upvoting doesn't really seem to do all that much either. Furthermore, the app had quite a few bugs that made it difficult to work, including freezing on the main screen.


    by Noel

    Feb 26, 2016


    Interview your heroes: ask the people you admire the things you’ve always wanted to know with - the revolutionary crowd-interview questions and answers (Q&A) social network. Public figures and thought leaders are waiting for you to ask them anything on!

    How Does It Work? is a social Q&A network: simply ask a question and upvote other questions that you like. Whenever a question gets enough upvotes, we go lobbying (in the real world) so you get your answer! We call this the power of crowd interviewing.

    Ask anyone anything
    Get awesome answers
    Be the expert and answer questions
    Follow your heroes

    Download and join the crowd interviewing revolution!

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