Yosemite Wildflowers

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    Authors Barry and Judy Breckling and High Country Apps have partnered to produce YOSEMITE WILDFLOWERS, a plant identification field guide for mobile devices.

    - Includes 584 wildflowers, shrubs, and trees most commonly in found in Yosemite National Park.
    - Each species is covered through images, descriptions, tidbits, similar species, and a range map.
    - No data connection is needed.
    - With the visual search key, you can tap what you observe and the possibilities will be displayed.

    Although the app is designed to help amateur plant enthusiasts identify wildflowers, more experienced botanists will also value the app for its extensive content. Users can browse the species list by common or scientific name (and by family name ) to locate a plant and access photos and related information. However, most users will rely on the easy-to-use search key to identify plants of interest.

    The search key consists of thirteen categories: type of plant (wildflower, shrub, or tree), petal color, flower shape, number of petals, leaf arrangement, leaf type, leaf shape, leaf margin, texture, size, habitat, vegetation zone, and flowering month. You can select characteristics in as many or as few categories as you want. As you make selections, the number of matching species is displayed at the top of the page. At any point, you can click the Show button to access a set of thumbnail images and names of plants that are potential matches. You can scroll through the species in the list and tap a thumbnail image to access photos, descriptions, and additional information for the selected species.

    YOSEMITE WILDFLOWERS includes detailed instructions for using the app. It also has an extensive glossary of botanical terms; labeled diagrams of leaves, flowers, and inflorescences; and a description of each family represented in the app. You can tap a family name to access a set of images and names for all species in the app that belong to the selected family.

    Yosemite National Park and its adjacent areas are home to diverse landscapes that contain a wealth of flowering plants. YOSEMITE WILDFLOWERS will appeal to individuals of all ages who travel to such areas and are interested in learning the names and natural history of the plants that they encounter. YOSEMITE WILDFLOWERS is also a valuable educational tool for learning more about plant communities, botanical terms, and how to identify plants in general.

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