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    Zone Radio is a commercial radio station broadcasting live over the internet. In all respects, it is the same as a terrestrial radio station, except that Zone Radio uses the internet and hardware as opposed to conventional radio transmitters. Zone Radio is privately owned and generates revenue through the sale of advertising space and featured sponsorships.

    The Vision & Mission
    Draconian regulations, limited frequencies, and the high cost of licensing makes it next to impossible to launch a terrestrial radio station in South Africa.

    The ownership of radio is therefore the domain of a "select few" resulting in broadcasting monopolies that enforce rules and regulations that impact on programming and result in broadcasting talents being overlooked.

    For over two decades as a presenter and trainer, this has frustrated me to no end, and while the broadcasting landscape remained unchanged there was little anyone could do.

    But then something happened. The arrival of high speed internet in South Africa and associated technology has changed everything. Now, for the first time, radio entrepreneurs have the opportunity to launch stations online. This is what we're doing with Zone Radio.

    At the core of the station will be programming that is listener driven, music that is listenable and nostalgic, and above all... where broadcasting talent will be given a chance to develop and shine.

    That is the plan of our small team in short, and we are prepared to face many challenges to reach our goals. We will make things happen, driven by passion, belief, experience, and skill. What works in our favour is the fact that the internet is becoming cheaper, faster, and more available. So there's no need for us to chase the technology, because it's coming to us. All we have to do is take that one big step... and start.

    - The Unicorn

    In achieving the above, we plan to focus on the following key areas:

    We will playlist the kind of adult contemporary music that is absent from existing radio stations in South Africa.
    Provide a platform for local musicians, of all genres, to showcase their talent.
    Develop a training program for young people who wish to become involved in radio as producers, journalists or presenters.
    Provide a place where young presenters and sound technicians will be given the opportunity to hone their skill.
    We will work towards giving grassroots sports a voice on radio.
    Offer clients cost effective but creative advertising solutions using the multi-media platforms available via the internet.
    To be an employer of choice and provide employment opportunities to people (young and old) who share our vision and who will contribute to the growth of the business.
    Portray the best of South Africa to the world.
    We will provide a platform from where niche music genres will be broadcast.


    To provide equal opportunities as employers and to profit from the delivery of program content that satisfies the needs of the listeners and therefore provides a captive audience for clients.

    This is achieved through:

    Programming that has a core based on adult contemporary music.
    Programming that is entertaining, educational, and never offensive.
    Creative and innovative advertising solutions for our clients.
    The development of journalistic, technical and broadcasting talent.
    Providing a platform where South African musicians can showcase their talent.

    Zone Radio is a station where the music does the talking.

    The Product
    At the heart of Zone Radio is the product; a program grid that offers listeners 24/7 access to both classic and modern adult contemporary music, as well as niche evening spots showcasing specific genres, reports on local events, and grassroots sporting news.

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