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    Sneak past gargoyles traps that spit fire. These demon monsters have been raised from the dead to eat your brains! Kick them in the face and escape this castle. Inspired by 2d platformer games from the glory days of console gaming, the late 80′s early 90′s. Solve puzzles and discover secrets to find gold coins and treasure chests throughout 20 levels. Your magic armor does nothing to defend you from the skeletons that guard the treasure within the castle. You are the fearless knight, trapped in a dungeon without your trusty sword. Play a retro side-scroller platform game in full HD on your tablet or on the go with your Android smartphone. Find the key hidden in a treasure chest somewhere within the labyrinth, and then escape through the open door. Attack enemies by jumping on them. Don’t rush into the fight because if you get hit you will have to start the level over from the beginning.

    - 20 puzzling levels full of treasure

    - One action packed boss battle against the evil necromancer

    - 2D pixel action & adventure in your pocket

    - A great game for old video game nerds, and young geeks alike

    - Break blocks, smash bricks, and discover hidden treasure

    - Infinite lives, mega jumps, legendary medieval fantasy

    - True 16-bit sound effects

    - Oldschool retro 2d platformer, side scroller gameplay

    1WORLD is a fun free indie game brought to you by HomeWorld Arts, LLC.
    Powered by Starling Framework, Flox, Feathers UI, Dragon Bones, and Nape Physics.
    From the creators of Super Jetpack Jumper, Car Race, and Super Narwhal Boy.
    Music by Kyle Jeremy Neidig

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