2048 Lovely Glow




    i2048 free is the most addictive, fun,and full of chanllenge number puzzle game for Android! After playing 2048 you will deep deeply to know what is "simply can not stop".

    HOW TO PLAY 2048:
    On 4X4 chess board, you can swipe to move the tiles, and then same tiles in same direction will be merged, after each moving a number of 2 or 4 will be added to the board. Try to create 2048 tile! And you win! And ultimately to see how much high score you can get!
    1. Smoothest Android version especially Optimized for android devices.
    2. You can keep playing for High-score after collected 2048 tile.
    3. The upgrad version of original 1024.
    4. Colorful tiles with New and cute UI design.

    Play this funny game now to train your brain and IQ! Wish you good luck with reaching a high score! And don't forget to show your level of intelligence sharing it with your friends!

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