2048 Puzzle




    2048 Puzzle game.

    The addictive game with multiple winning targets...

    Users can set their targets from as low as 512 to as high as 16384. When the target set is achieved, user can continue the game to next target.

    Features :

    * Winning targets from 512 to 16384
    * Share your victory screenshot in facebook
    * One level of undo
    * Tracks your high score
    * Your current game is always stored on exit. You can continue the game any-time later.

    How to play :

    Swipe to move the cells, when two cells with the same number touch, they merge into one. For every move,
    one cell with value 2 or 4 is added to the board at a random empty slot. When a tile accumulates the pre set winning target, you are the winner. You may choose to continue the game to next winning target. If there are no moves possible on the board, the game is lost.

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