2048 Puzzle Pro

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    2048 Puzzle Pro arrives in your Android smartphone now !

    Join the Numbers by moving Tiles and get 2048 Tile to win the game.
    Enjoy 2048 Puzzle Pro in that Android implementation smooth and fast.

    2048 Puzzle Pro has also 2 others modes : 4096 and Endless. These modes are available from Preferences screen.
    Undo feature is also available for last 5 moves.

    2048 Puzzle Pro lets you to share your scores around the World thanks to Google Play Games integration.
    Large number of Achievements are also to win while playing 2048 Puzzle.
    Special feature is also present to let you to reach 2048 Tile more easily by cheating !

    If you have ideas to improve 2048 Puzzle Pro, don't hesitate to send me your feedbacks by email :