4 in a Row




    4 in a row is a classic multi-player games in which the players first choose a color and then take turns dropping their colored discs from the top into a 7*6 grid. One Player need
    to connected the four ball in a row. In our game there is a chicken and very clever fox. Here
    You will help the chicken to make her 4 egg in a row. If you can make it 4 in a row then you can unlock the pics of a sweet girl. The more you win the more hard level will come and more nice lady
    will come to entertain you.

    The games have following features

    * 2D and 3D board with HD graphics
    * Simple and intuitive touchscreen interface
    * So many level so many fun with lady
    * Win to unlock the pic of nice lady
    * Ultimate fun with joy
    * Sound and vibration

    We have made the game free for you to enjoy. Please give us your feedback. What you like and dislike about the game. Any features that might improve the game and may help us to further develop the game.
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